What Is A UPS And What Is It For?

What Is A UPS And What Is It For?

UPS is the abbreviation of Uninterrumptible Power System, (Uninterruptible Power System). It is used to power electronic or electrical equipment, which if it is stopped or its operation is disturbed by a power supply problem, is costly, both in money and time, due to loss of information or damage to its components.


Rectifier that rectifies the alternating current input, providing direct current to charge a battery. From this, it is fed to an inverter that converts it again into alternate. After having discharged the battery, it is usually recharged in a time of 8 to 10 hours, so the capacity of the charger should be proportional to the size of the battery needed.

Battery whose capacity (in Amperes Time) depends on the time (autonomy) during which it must deliver power when the input of the UPS unit is cut off. Inverter that converts the direct current of the battery into alternating current, suitable to feed the equipment connected to the output of the UPS. Its power capacity depends on the total consumption of the equipment to be powered.

Switch (bypass) 2 position for connecting the output to the input of the UPS (Bypass) or with the inverter output. There are several types of ups system, in the On-Line type: the Switch is normally connected to the inverter output. The current passes through the rectifier permanently charge the battery and also supplies the Inverter, which in turn supplies the output with alternating current.

If the input voltage is cut, the batteries continue to power the inverter, so that the output does not suffer any interruption due to the cut. The rectifier must be sized to provide more power than the inverter since it must also recharge the battery after a discharge. Both must be able to work with all their power permanently.

The Other Type is Stand By: Where the Switch is normally connected to the input line (By Pass), bringing the energy from the input directly to the output (usually through a voltage stabilizer and line filter).

If the input voltage is cut, the switch connects the output to the inverter, which starts to work instantaneously, feeding the output from the batteries. Since the input line is cut (or out of normal range) until the 220 Volts supply is restored to the output, a time of the order of 5 milliseconds (or ¼ cycle) is passed, which is generally imperceptible for computer or electronic equipment in general.

This type of product is widely used in companies or small businesses, they are used to be able to store the files of computers if there is a power outage for example giving a time of electricity. Depending on the size of the equipment, there will be more or less alternative energy time

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