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Ways to Use Wooden Pallets and Timber Cases

Ways to Use Wooden Pallets and Timber Cases

Wooden Crates are known to be one of the best products for packaging.

They are self-supporting structures that are ideal for shipping various products, especially lightweight or breakable items. Crates are typically used to transport Motorbikes, household goods, white goods and all fragile items of any nature.

Compared to Cardboard containers, wooden crates can carry heavier weight. And because of their high strength and durability, they are better suited for heavy weight products.

Wooden crates also withstand elements a lot better. For instance wet wood only gets damp whereas wet cardboard will weaken and eventually tear, and metal products can corrode.

Wooden Crates are great for long term use and storage. They can be used again for many purposes, plus they store well for extended periods of time. Generally, a cardboard box can be used once.

Also efficient with stacking, essentially creating more storage space for both small and large areas. Not only is it cost effective for storage but shipping expenses are considerably reduced.

For anything that requires protection from damage during movement and from environmental issues it is usually less expensive than any of its counterparts in both manufactured packaging and transportation processes.

Axis Industrial Solutions have over two decades of experience in building customised cases and crates, designed specifically to move a vast array of products from valuable pieces of art to heavy equipment for large mine sites. With ISPM15 Certified timber being used we ensure your goods can meet all phytosanitary requirements for export as well.

We can discuss every aspect of your cargo’s journey and therefore the desired packaging solution to ensure it will meet all requirements and reach its destination safely. We may recommend wooden crates as they are more cost effective than fully enclosed cases when pricing is the most important aspect and full weather protection less so. With reduced weights it is also of benefit for shipping purposes.

The benefit of using Axis Wooden Cases and crates is that we are very passionate about what we do and we will provide you with the best solutions to meet your packaging needs