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House In A V-Shape

House In A V-Shape

For places to stay in the many small lakes in rural Iowa, we conceived the house as a series of spatial frame that offers a focused and private sector experience in the otherwise densely populated coast. Visit Office Carpets today This second home was sitting in the resort area that appears as an oasis in the middle of the desert “Midwestern corn.” Not at all nostalgic for the cottage year ago, the owner still wants the house that “all about the lake” and the oak tree that bound the lake from outside the area of agricultural land. Responding to a narrow wedge-shaped lot with a lake at one end, we conceived the house as a set of three-dimensional “blinders” that blurs the neighbors and gradually opening to the lake outside. Past the house, moving from dense areas to areas with clear quality – the house is a spatial gradient. Min | Day Architects has designed this house overlooking the West Lake Okoboji in Iowa.

A dark, dressed seng-wing driven forward to receiving the entrance stairs cut into a wooden carp berjajar open space filled with glass to suite guests and athletics. stairs next to the balcony and the entrance – a central hall space – this is one of the day, dedicated to outdoor living leading out to large deck. After zig-Zag of the pinwheel, the stairs and then go to a garden deck, with a berth to arrive at a landing in the water. The house is steel framed, with wood filler stud; cedar and zinc-clad, aluminum window frames and single-ply roofing. The house is situated on the banks of the river Loddon, near Wargrave. We based our concept on three elements: living room, living room and bedroom, to make the ‘wings’ which adopted the pinwheel shape, raised on columns to deal with flooding from rivers.

This project consists of 236 apartments in two blocks with a page in the U-shaped opening toward the harbor. Varying the height of 5-8 floors and visually reduce the scale of the project, along with the proportion of thin glass partition, the front of the White House gave a light and graceful appearance. The entire project, including projecting bays, are given in white stucco with fenestration warm teak, giving the whole project is a maritime feel. Danish architects Lundgaard & Tranberg Harbour Isle designing apartment buildings in Copenhagen, Danish. The buildings are part of the new Havneholmen Copenhagen region, which is a former industrial area that has been transformed into residential and business zone, taking better advantage of the location of the port.

A rectangular shape the house held more than three storeys with the middle level contains the living and dining room and also the point of entry from the street. Top level contains all the bedroom and an empty room which is located in the dining room. Lower level contains the living room and media room. Emptiness in the house that serves not only as a device for directing spatial verticality and mitigate the tall trees outside, but it also separates the bedroom of parents and children. This ladder is an important organization of reference between the level and treated as a sculptural element that rotates slightly in a vacuum to form a visual link for all levels. The Highgate Hill Residence is located on the south facing cliff on one side of a ridge of Brisbane’s oldest road – Dornoch Terrace. The steepness of the rectangular site has resulted in a green landscape and consists of a mixture of mature native and exotic, which creates an opportunity to put the house in an environment rich landscape.