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A Lot Is Happening All At Once

A Lot Is Happening All At Once

So we’ve been in hospital since Tuesday. dihydrocodeine A lot of things have happened. Here is a small run down. Tuesday after admission we met with Dr B. She said that while our mom had met the family therapist O and the social worker K on Monday, she’d asked if she could meet our doctor. Dr b asked me how I felt about it. At first I said no. She didnt pressure me into it or pressure me to do it. She said it was my call and if I didnt want my mom meeting her she wouldnt meet her, but that she was open to it if I did want it. She said there might be some value in discussing our diagnosis with our mom, who isnt very accepting of it and hasnt ever been.

She asked if my mom had ever read our diagnostic report. I said no, not even when I gave her a chance to read it. We actually have two reports, one from a psychiatrist and one from the psychoanalyst. But anyway dr B said that she could go through them with our mom and help her to understand them. We were having all sorts of reactions to that so I said she’d have to let us think on it as a system and she said no problem that we could think about it and she’d check in with us on Friday again.

Meanwhile on Friday morning K the social work and O the family therapist wanted to meet with us. On our own. I wasnt quite sure what they wanted but it ended up that all they wanted was to explain about the family therapy. To see if I was open to coming to some of the sessions with my mom and sister. I said yes I would, but to be honest I am very apprehensive about it. We talked about confidentiality and I told them I didnt want to know what my mom said, that I’d already told her I wouldnt ask her, just like she never asks me about what E and I talk about. Of course in the sessions I do attend I will know what is said, I’m not sure how many of those we’ll be having. I cant see my sister going but you never know I guess, she may surprise us all.

So then yesterday evening I spoke with Dr B. She said I know on tuesday you didnt want me to meet your mom but you’ve changed your mind now? I said kinda. That K had kinda talked me into it. I said I was still apprehensive but that I’d give it a go. I can say then with certainty that I tried, whether it fails or not. Dr b says she didnt expect much after one meeting out of our mom, she said she wasnt even sure she’d go away accepting things but that it will be helpful if she sees it in black and white and on paper. She cant deny it then.

I rang my mom later that evening and she was asking me can the time be changed from 2 30 to 11 30 because no one can make the later time. I said I’d ask but its a bit short notice to be asking on Monday. But I will ask, because I know she didnt want to go alone, she was going to have our sister there, and our aunt, her sister for support. Hopefully if I ask like right at 9 AM it will be able to be changed. I already asked dr B if that family meeting goes ahead on Tuesday, does that mean I wont see her at all then myself on that day. She said no, that I’d be seeing her separately to the family meeting. Oh I didnt mention that I/we’ll be brought in part way through the family meeting, so we can discuss collaborative care.

This is going to either go really good and be really positive, or will go really bad and be really negativde. I’m trying to hope for positivity.

The last thing I have to report is that Dr B said she spoke to one of the psychologists running the DBT skills training. She said she couldnt get an answer from them about whether we can attend the groups or not. They told her they’d have to speak to their colleagues around the protocalls of someone seeing an individual therapist as well as coming to group therapy. She said she told them of our diagnosis. But she also said she should have an answer by Monday. I bet the answer is no. I just have that feeling.

Last night we had a phone therapy session with E. It was so good to hear her voice. I told her everything and we just talked about our feelings towards stuff and she is also one who thinks this may be a good thing. We have another check in scheduled for Wednesday evening so that is good I think.