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How To Eat Healthy If You Go To A Restaurant

How To Eat Healthy If You Go To A Restaurant

Some of us are sometimes forced to eat out. The reasons are several: a family celebration, a meeting between friends, a holiday trip, or simply a working lunch.

When it comes to casual outings you do not need much overwhelmed if we’re going, but are more frequent, can come in handy to have a few clear ideas of what would be more appropriate to ask for no later take a dislike.

How To Eat Healthy If You Go To A Restaurant:

– The best way to avoid temptation is not reach the restaurant very hungry. The advice would be to take a piece of fruit (for example, an apple (apple fattening ?) Or an orange) one hour before going to the restaurant. If you also drink some water, the satiating effect will be greater.

– To drink it is better to drink water, sparkling water, diet soda or beer without alcohol. Another possibility is to take a “tinto de verano” (red wine and soda with ice).

– Resist the temptation to eat while you serve bread and butter.

– A good choice: A serving of protein (meat or fish) with vegetables.

– If you cannot resist eating potatoes is better to ask baked potato or steamed fried because, fries, greatly increase their calorie content.

– As a starter, the best choices are: salad, gazpacho or, if you prefer a warmer, soup dish.

– If you are eating at an Italian restaurant, it is better to decide on the dough before the pizza.

– Avoid sauces, especially those made with cream.

– A theme is always complicated dessert. If you can it is better to skip it and have a coffee or tea, but if you are very greedy, it is best to choose a fruit salad or sorbet. You can also take a slice of homemade apple pie or cheese. Desserts, which are best avoided are chocolate brownies, industrial cakes and carrying dulce de leche.

– If you can, share your dessert with someone else. You will reduce the calories in half.

Reduce The Consumption Of Foods High In Calories: You can start with those that are high in fats and sugar, since they are probably the ones that are causing more damage. Once you identify the same, use the table of healthy foods that we suggest to help you find the options that you like. As these healthier food choices are incorporated into your usual routine, you will gradually improve the quality of nutrients, reduce calories, and you will probably find that your meals satisfy you even more.

Know What You Are Eating: When you go to the supermarket take the time to read the labels, check the ingredients and see the nutrition data so you can evaluate the calories, fat and sugar content in the food you buy. Learn to read the menus when you go to restaurants so you can make the best decisions you can check our menu by visiting here at

Stay Simple: A good strategy for making better food choices is to lean toward those closest to their natural state, that is, those that are less processed. In addition to receiving the highest nutritional value you will also consume less fat, sugar and salt. For example, look at the difference of a portion of a fresh apple (80 calories, vitamins, minerals, fiber) compared to applesauce (100 calories, less vitamins and minerals, more sugar, less fiber), apple juice calories, even less vitamins and minerals, and no fiber).