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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ducted Air Conditioning

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ducted Air Conditioning


It is the best option when there is more than one room to air condition. You save installing more than one device and the cost that this entails.

Aesthetically it is much simpler and unnoticed , since only the air outlet grids are visible. In addition, there are creators of air conditioning that offer original designs and the latest, with a wide range of colors for grids or for thermostats.

Acoustically it is much more discreet. It barely makes a noise, although it is true that the split of today have won a lot in silence.

Energy savingThese devices allow controlling each room , imposing the temperature in each of them independently, in addition to being able to close those that are unoccupied and stop the air conditioning machine when the zones reach the temperature that you have set in the different thermostats.


Requires work and a complicated installation. Normally it is a good option when the house purchases it with this type of pre-installed air. Otherwise you will have to put it in the false ceiling of the house and if it does not have it, you have to make it. While it is true that there are also air conditioning installation in sight ducts, an option that may be unsightly for many, but that offers an industrial style on the rise in the world of interior design.

Its high cost. For an address of 90 square meters, the price for the device and its installation ranges between 3000 and 4000 Euros. A high price but, in the long run, it is profitable for the aforementioned energy savings.

You already know the strengths and weaknesses of these devices. I have been able to verify the differences between air conditioners thanks to live rent, and, considering that I have not paid the “duck”, for me, it is better air ducts. In addition, the bill is noted every month. Now it’s your turn to choose you.