4 Great Tips You Must Know On How To Choose A Renovation Contractor

4 Great Tips You Must Know On How To Choose A Renovation Contractor

After you have completed your interior design scheme, the next step is choosing a suitable renovation contractor. House extensions It is important that you select a reliable renovation contractor, as you would be depending on him a lot. As such, we provide guidelines for you to look out when selecting a renovation contractor.

1. Accreditation, Licenses and Permits
Check with your local authority, if they have an accreditation body for renovation contractors. Then check with the renovation contractor to see if they are accredited with this local accreditation organization. If they were accredited, then they would have fulfilled the accreditation criteria, which is important for you. This is because, in order to be accredited, they must have met their prescribed criteria which can be rather demanding.
Also, check with the managing agent of your property (if applicable), to see if they have their own criteria in allowing renovation contractors to do renovation works in your vicinity. Sometimes, they would require the renovation contractor to have obtained the necessary Licenses and credibility to proceed with renovation works. They may have their own list of renovation contractors that you can select. Then, in such circumstances, make sure that your renovation contractor is within the said list.
2. Project references
Check with the renovation contractor, if they had completed similar projects, such as yours. If they had, then ask to
visit their completed renovation works, if possible. During the visit, pay attention to the workmanship. Look for yourself, are there serious defects? Can the doors and windows close properly? Are the plastering works properly aligned and so on and so forth.
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What if the renovation contractor has no similar project reference such as yours? Well, simply ask the renovation contractor on how they plan to carry out your renovation. What problems do they foresee and how they intend to overcome them. If you are satisfied with their approach, then you may consider appointing them.
3. Current Project Commitments
Subtly check with the renovation contractor on how many projects are they currently undertaking. This check is to find out renovation contractor’s current job commitment. Such check also indicates the attention the renovation contractor is giving to your renovation work.
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If you feel that the renovation contractor has a heavy workload, ask the renovation contractor how he can give you the attention you require in order to complete the renovation works.

4. Realistic Pricing
If you have an interior designer and had conducted a tender exercise, most Employers would be tempted to appoint the renovation contractor who submitted the lowest quote. There is nothing wrong in doing so, provided you are satisfied that the lowest quotation is not a suicide bid. Suicide bids are quotations, which the renovation contractor submitted in order to continue his business without necessarily making a profit. When the renovation contractor could not make a profit, that would be the time when he is tempted to cut corners in the renovation work to reduce his losses. This is not what you want in your interior renovation, isn’t it?
How do you know if the lowest quotation is realistic? Ask an interior designer or someone knowledgeable. Surely, from his previous project experience, he would have a feel whether the lowest quotation is realistic.
Interior Design and Decoration Tips:
There is another method is to compare the lowest quotation from the other quotations. This is called comparison. As a guide the lowest quotation should not differ from the rest of the quotations by more than 5%. If there is a wide difference in quotation between the lowest and the second or the other quotations, you should seek clarifications from all the participating renovation contractors on their quotations.

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